Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dementia Hits a High Note

The May issue of Living with Dementia magazine features an article about an opera that explores dementia from different points of views. "The Lion's Face" will premiere in England and Wales this spring. It's a collaboration between The Opera Group and The Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College.

The performers spent time with dementia patients and their caregivers as the show was being developed. Noted Simon Lovestone, a professor of old age psychiatry at the Institute:

"What really captured my imagination was the opportunity to work with some artists who were interested in reflecting aspects of the disease we might not have otherwise thought about, back to clinicians and scientists. I think this use of poetry and music will help us to look at Alzheimer's disease in a different way and will energise my colleagues and I in our battle with this devastating disease."

Says the project's promoters: "At the heart of the project are a series of off-stage events where scientists, artists, audiences can exchange ideas and discuss the opera and latest research into dementia."

For more on The Lion's Face: The Lion's Face Web Site