Monday, February 7, 2011

Caregivers Needed for UCSD Study

The University of California, San Diego School of Medicine is conducting a study of caregivers struggling with stress related to caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's Disease.

The study focuses on helping caregivers manage their stresses and hopefully improve their overall health.

Who Qualifies?
--You must be at least 55 years old.
--You must be caring for a loved with with Alzheimer's Disease.
--That loved one must need significant help to do everyday tasks.

What Happens?
Participation takes about six weeks, at which time a research team will come to your home for interviews and questionnaires. You'll receive visits from a nurse, who will take your blood pressure and check blood levels for different chemicals. During four home visits, you'll receive information and skills designed to improve your overall health and well being.

Participants will receive $80 as compensation for their time.

How Do I Sign Up?
For more information, contact Jennifer Ceglowski at 858-822-2534 or Dr. Brent Mausbach at 858-822-5925.