Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Where's a Camera When You Need It?

Your intrepid blogger arrived Saturday at the site of our annual gala with a car stuffed with gowns, suits, dress shoes, auction items, bid sheets, decorations, and much much more. Alas, she forgot the camera. So, here are some others' snapshots from Saturday's gala, "Old Hollywood Glam: Memories of Good Times Past," to benefit our organization.

Turnout was terrific (we sold out!). Venue spot on (the historic El Cortez). The food and service excellent (thanks Ranch Events!). Entertainment pitch perfect (kudos to jazz duo Brisa Nova and the featured band, Kicks). And the guests were all smiles as we gathered to honor Philip Forgione and help raise money for our family care services.

Our sponsors were all wonderful, receiving Academy Awards or their own Hollywood Star along the Walk of Fame. Our auction donors were quite generous and helped us surpass our financial expectations. One of our caregivers donated her photography services, and we anxiously await the results. In the meantime, here are some candid photos of volunteers and staff to share.

Sondra F. and Mark C.
Patrick W. and Liz R.
Sara F., Alex F., and Nya M.
Happy and Art S.
Dawn and Lauren E.
Briana R. and Teresa R. with Miss California Arianna Afsar
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