Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Racing for Alzheimer's

Admittedly, some of us aren't as big an auto racing fan as others, but we can certainly appreciate the dramatic finish at this weekend's Indianapolis 500 that was a win for an "unemployed" British driver and for Alzheimer's.

If you haven't heard already, rookie J.R. Hildrebrand crashed his formula car going into the final stretch,  opening the way for Dan Wheldon's second Indy trophy. Among the logos Wheldon wore was one for the Alzheimer's Association. His mother, Sue, was diagnosed at age 55 with Alzheimer's in 2009.

Wheldon choked up when mentioning his mom in a post-race interview and later described the impact the disease had on the entire family. Given there were 250,000 in attendance and millions more who watched the televised event and celebration, the race car champ may have helped a few take note of the disease's prominence in our communities. That makes him a big winner to us too.

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