Monday, July 18, 2011

What's New[s] in Alzheimer's

There’s a lot of news about Alzheimer’s research coming out of an international conference taking place in Paris. We thought today we’d highlight some of the findings here, just in case you don't have much time to sift through the wealth of news yourself.

1. Brain swelling may be common with Alzheimer’s drugs. An experimental drug that may reduce the beta amyloid protein in Alzheimer’s patients also causes brain swelling in some beta testers.
2. Eye test for Alzheimer’s could revolutionize diagnosis. Researchers find the blood vessels in the retina are different for those with Alzheimer’s.
3. More evidence that football is bad for your brain. NFL players are much more likely to develop MCI, an early stage of Alzheimer’s, based on a voluntary study. In fact, 35% of former players showed signs of dementia by the average age of 61; in the general population, only 13% have Alzheimer’s.
4. Aspirin may have improve memory-thinking skills. Though the anti-inflammatory may reduce the risks, much more research is needed.

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