Monday, August 29, 2011

Signs There May Be Trouble at Home

Some tough decisions are required when it comes to adult children of a parent with Alzheimer's or another form of dementia. One of the toughest is admitting when there is a problem. Spouses may try to hide the other's shortcomings for fear of losing independence. Families may have difficulty charting a course of action. But sometimes the most difficult part is coming to terms it's time to intervene.

Here are some signs someone may need help, courtesy of the latest San Diego Eldercare Directory. Thanks to Ginny Wallis for passing these along.
  • Mail piles up
  • Bills go unpaid
  • A previously well tended house falls into disrepair
  • Trash cans no longer get put out or picked up on the proper days
  • More clutter than usual
  • Appliances are misused or ignored
  • Driving and judgement are impaired (inattention, forgetting to get gas)
  • Sudden shift to poor personal hygiene
  • Incontenance
  • Walking or balance problems
  • Difficulty locating familiar places, even at home
Be aware parents may be reluctant to discuss issues happening within the home. But it's important if there are strong enough signs to take action, beginning with a talk, to help them before a situation becomes dangerous.

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