Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Clothing That Keeps Alzheimer's Patients from Wandering

I remember years ago hearing about research being done at M.I.T. to embed technology into our clothing. It sounded far-fetched at the time but toda, we're seeing such an application with the announcement of $300 shoes containing GPS technology to track Alzheimer's patients who may wander.

Though the price point may be an issue for some cash-strapped families, this is a great example of "functional clothing" that does double duty as both garment and device. And wandering is an issue with many families who have a loved one at home requiring constant monitoring.

Article: GPS Shoes for Alzheimer's Patients


Susan Estrada said...

GPS transmitters have their flaws, but they are good backup devices if you have a wandering person. First and foremost, you should take charge of the household and put alarms on the areas of exit to ensure you know that the person has left the area. Door alarms/chimes, normal security systems, driveway alarms are all good first steps.

The problem with GPS devices is that the person has to be carrying it when they wander. This might not always be possible -- i.e. a wanderer who leaves in the middle of the night in their PJs, barefoot. GPS devices also need to be charged on a regular basis so a caregiver needs to make sure that it happening.

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