Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Happy Ending to the Year

We wanted to update everyone on the disappearance of Josephina Yolanda Lopez, who was found a week later (Dec. 31) in Tijuana. Thanks to a massive search by authorities, family, friends and communities, Yolanda was found at a Tijuana bus stop. She had been robbed, beaten and in need of immediate medical attention, but now she is much better and her family is grateful to find her and to everyone who helped in the search.

Here's a local story with more details.

Yolanda, 58, suffers from diabetes and bipolar disorder. She is the aunt of one of our staffers, and we once again wanted to extend our own thanks for those of you who phoned, called and stopped by our offices to see how you could help. The joint effort by everyone paid off!

Yolanda's family now plans to take steps to ensure she does not wander again. At a minimum she is going to be enrolled in the Safe Return Program in Long Beach and will wear a bracelet with GPS to help track her whereabouts in the event she eludes family again.

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