Monday, April 1, 2013

Brain Tip #1: Do Something Different

This week we're launching a series on brain tips. Here's the first one: Do something different. And difficult.

I used to be a marathon runner. And like any endurance athlete, I would follow a proven training schedule that built up mileage with minimal injuries. Over time, it became easier to run 5, 10, 15 and 20 miles at a time. That's because my body became conditioned and so it didn't have to work as hard.

The brain works similarly. It's great to do crossword puzzles, but over time the brain becames better at it so you actually don't work as hard at solving those word puzzles, all things considered.

Which is why, for our first brain fitness tip, we recommend you do something complex that you've never done. Maybe it's learning to play a musical instrument. Or maybe it's writing a short story or a screenplay, even if it never stands a chance of being published or produced. Languages are always a great idea too.

It can be a little scary, and what's challenging for you may not be for someone else. This is your activity. And if you immerse yourself in the new task, you'll promote synaptic density and that helps you stay mentally sharp.

And if you are worried about early memory loss, sign up for our new Glenner Memory Connection Institute, which is a six-week holistic program that promotes brain fitness activities and lifestyle choices to help you do all you can do protect against cognitive decline during the aging process. Our next series starts May 21. Call 619-543-4700 for more information.

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