Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Legacy Corps Provides Respite Care for Veterans, Military Families

Legacy Corps currently is recruiting members for a new respite team that officially kicks off its volunteer service in October. The program, part of the AmeriCorps system, provides respite for veterans and military families and decreases the caregiving burden and stress within these families.

Qualified volunteers receive $200 monthly to help pay for their transportation in fulfilling the required 450 hours of service (approximately 10 hours per week for a year). Training is provided.

In addition to the monthly allowance, Legacy Corps members receive an educational award of $1,468 for every year of service.

Our Glenner Centers have Legacy Corps members who provide companionship and non-medical assistance where appropriate. Members may also visit veterans in their homes or in independent and assisted living facilities.

The next training cycle starts up August 15 and will be conducted by San Diego County Aging & Independence Services. If you are interested in joining this worthwhile program, contact Brian Rollins at (858)6305 or brian.rollins@sdcounty.ca.gov for more information.

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