Monday, March 22, 2010

A 'Woman in History'

Our Glenner adult day care participants often had colorful, courageous lives in their younger years, and we love to let people know of them when we can.

The San Diego News Newtork has a special project, Women in History Month, which highlights the advances women have made during the past century. We thought it was a perfect way to showcase to one of our Hillcrest Center participants: 103-year-old Beulah Magruder, whom we earlier introduced on this blog. And the editors agreed!

SDNN: Beulah Magruder is 'Outliving' Us All

Beulah has lived with her daughter, Josie Magruder Rhodes, for some time now and, like many caregivers, Josie has wanted to commemorate her mother's extraordinary life but is often overwhelmed by daily duties. As her mother advanced in years, Josie began to realize just how much her mother has contributed to some of the great movements of our time, particularly women's rights. "Every year I come to appreciate more and more everything that my mother did, for me and for many, many other people through her activism and volunteer work."